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Friday, 3 January 2014


Looking for different ways of saying
  THANK YOU to your friends and family  
for dishing out cash and gifts for your engagement, wedding and shower?

Here's some funky, cool  
your guests will TOTALLY WANT TO TAKE HOME!

1. Jones Soda Bottles with Custom Labels!

Whether your guests will pop the tops and chug their delicious insides or prop the bottle on a shelf for display as a memento of "THE BEST WEDDING EVER" guests surely won't leave these favours behind.

Buy these bad boys in bulk at your local bulk food store ex. RCSS or Costco and order customized labels from Sandy's Signatures on Etsy:
Buy Custom Jones Inspired Labels Here

2. Candy Bars

For approximately $1.50 per favour you can guests a treat EVERYONE LOVES... CHOCOLATE! Simply pick up a box of chocolate bars in bulk, Caramilk bars are my favourite and order customized labels! Private Message me for a CUSTOM LABEL!

3. Thank You MUGCAKE!
Trending BIG TIME in cupcake and coffee shops in NYC, these DIY favours are ULTRA UNIQUE! Dr. Oetker makes a Mug Cake mix, but you can use a regular cupcake recipe. Customize Mugs with Bake Markers to say "THANK YOU" and bake cake according to recipe.You can also add Custom Tags with Bridal Shower Information to the handle
Private Message me for a TAG! 

4. Mason Jar Cookie Recipes!

These favours are a great DIY project with your bridesmaids and completely cost effective! You can pick up mason jars at your local Canadian Tire or Walmart, find a mason car cookie recipe, my favourite is Cow Girl Cookies by Bakerella, print the recipe on Thank You Tags and get a personalized label like the funky ones here!!

If you're not the DIY type, you can purchase them 'ready to be baked' from The Mason Jar Cookie Company here!

 Some Other Cool Ideas are:

Homemade Wine with Custom Labels: Check these ones out on Twitter

 CUSTOM BEER KOOZIES for Weddings or Engagements!
Use them to hold place setting cards!

Wicked favours your guests will LOVE to take home.

Good luck Planning and Enjoy!

Love Always xo


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