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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

PORN OR POLISH? The Ultimate Bachelorette or Bridal Shower Game

Tired of playing the same ol' games at Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties?

PORN OR POLISH is a hilarious game that will keep guests laughing!

It's simple, pull a card out of a jar, read the name, is it an adult film name? Or a nail polish colour? You'll be surprised!! Guess right and your guest receives a nail polish as a prize.

This game is great if you are using nail polish as a favour at a shower or party. It is even more fun if you can find nail polishes with dirty names! (It takes some serious searching). Check out the Sign and Nail Polish or Porn Name Tags on Sandy's Signatures or make them yourself!

I've listed some 'Polish or Porn' examples taken from The Bert Show

1. Tart With A Heart
2. Topless And Barefoot
3. Size Matters
4. Brunette On The Internet
5. Riding Miss Daisy
6. A Quiver Runs Through It
7. Below The Belt
8. Limbo Bimbo
9. Vould You Like To Lichtenstein?
10. Operation Desert Stormy
11. You’ve Got Tail

1. Polish
2. Polish
3. Polish
4. Polish
5. Film
6. Film
7. Polish
8. Polish
9. Polish
10. Film
11. Film

Have fun!

Love Always,

Friday, 5 December 2014

DIY Customized Wine Bottle Labels! A Perfect Gift!

Don't know what to get the person that has EVERYTHING?
These DIY, FREE, Customize and Print at Home Wine Bottle Labels are a PERFECT thoughtful gift.
        Choose the label that best describes the person you're gifting to! They are sure to LOVE it!
        I've listed all of the labels with different sayings and different kinds of wine. You can download them here using Google Drive 
Wine Label Chardonnay [Sandy's Signatures]
Wine Label Pinot [Sandy's Signatures] 
Wine Label Reisling [Sandy's Signatures] 
Wine Label Merlot [Sandy's Signatures] 
Wine Label Cab Sauv [Sandy's Signatures]
 You can edit in a desktop photo editing program if your savvy. If not, I've outlined some pretty simple steps to edit the label in POWERPOINT, a program that is user friendly and one that most people have.

1. Open Powerpoint, change the presentation to LANDSCAPE. (File, Page Set Up, Landscape) 
2. Select Insert, Photo, Upload Wine Label Photo to presentation (Or open the photo in preview and copy and paste it to your slide)
3. Create a Text Box, Type a Name, Place over the open white space, Select a font and resize to fit
4. Create another text box, type birthday, place text box beside ESTABLISHED part of label (existing font is Calbri (body))
5. File, print or File, Save as PDF then Print
6. Cut and place on wine bottle with glue!

If you have any troubles, email me and I'll be happy to help!
Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping xo


Tuesday, 11 November 2014


How to Plan The PERFECT Victoria's Secret Inspired
Bridal or Lingerie Shower at Home

Victoria's Secret themed showers are becoming increasingly popular and rightfully so! What bride doesn't love Victoria's Secret? What better theme for a Lingerie Shower, than the most iconic lingerie brand in the world. This blog post will ignite your creative side and walk you through how to plan a complete Victoria's Secret Themed Party.

We'll start with table decorating:

 Purchase light pink and dark pink table clothes from the dollar store (I like the heavy duty vinyl ones). Lay the light pink table cloths down to cover the table. Next unfold and lay the dark pink table cloths on the floor flat, cut the table cloth in three even strips. Fold each strip vertically, hiding the seam underneath, attach to the light pink table with double sided table.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

TRENDING: Mason Jars! Throwing a Country Rustic BRIDAL SHOWER on a BUDGET!

It's no secret... MASON JARS are trending pretty hardcore this season, the BONUS is they are also VERY CHEAP! They make great DIY centerpieces, are perfect for favours and can add a trendy, country rustic feel to any event. Let me show you a couple unique ways to turn a plain, cookie cutter bridal shower into a hip, on trend event on a budget.

1. Mason Jar Centerpieces: My favourite, most cost effective centerpiece is a Large Mason Jar, painted a soft colour with a bundle of baby's breath on top. This requires some DIY work; Buy Large Jars from Michaels for $3 (download the app if you don't already have it, it saves you BIG TIME every time with 40% off coupons), get some acrylic paint from the dollar store and a large paint brush, paint the outside and flip upside down to dry.

NOT A DIY KINDA GIRL? Simply leave mason jars plain, tie some burlap twine around the top of the jar, fill with water and toss a dollar store floating candle inside. VOILA
2. Mason Jar Favours: These are an easy DIY favour that is sure to please guests and look great. My favourite and least expensive Mason Jar Favour is the DIY BODY SCRUB in mini mason jars (each jar works out to approximately .66 cents including tax!!!) Many DIY Body Scrub Recipes are very inexpensive to make with basic natural ingredients you could find around the house i.e. baby oil, kosher, epson or sea salt, an orange peel blended and lemon juice- there you have it, a citrus body scrub! haha Take a look at Body Scrub Recipes Here.

 Check Out Thank You Tags Here!  Paint the top of the mason jar lid with chalkboard paint, write "From (Bride's Name) Shower to Yours", attach an affordable Thank You tag like the one shown with twine and you have adorable, AFFORDABLE mini mason jar favours your guests will not only LOVE, but will use!!

3. Custom Country Rustic Themed Decor: Unique Touches to Make Your Shower STAND OUT from the Others!
Customized Water Bottle Labels, Custom Welcome Sign and Banner! These unique custom touches PERSONALIZE the Bride's Shower and are an affordable way to decorate straying away from typical cookie cutter decorations you see at every bridal shower! Check Out Items on Etsy Here or Check Out Items Online Here!

 And there you have it! A complete on trend, Country Rustic Themed Bridal Shower on a budget!

Live, Love, Laugh and Plan FABULOUS parties!

Love Always,


Monday, 17 February 2014



This is a classy and sassy theme!
This shower requires Tiffany blue EVERYTHING:
favour boxes, pearls, cupcakes, macaroons & punch. 

Some nice finishing touches are customized Bride's Name & Co. Water Bottle Labels, Banner, Thank You Cards and Soda Pop Straws with Customized Bride & Co. flags! 

Visit my first blog post for an in depth look at planning a Tiffany & Co. Inspired Shower
Buy Tiffany & Co. Decor HERE!

Champagne and sweets, two of my favourite things! What better way to celebrate than clinking champagne glasses all day and stuffing you face with cupcakes... O.K. maybe not stuffing your face, but one or two couldn't hurt. 

Roll Champagne bottles in glitter for centerpieces, dip bottoms of champagne glasses in chalkboard paint and write guests names on them in chalk as favours. Of course top it off with an EPIC cupcake tower or DIY Decorate Your Own Cupcake Bar.

Chalkboard Champagne & Cupcake Invites HERE


Did someone say brunch?? Surrounded by roses, tulips and daffodils, April Showers Bring May Flowers, a perfect setting for an outdoor luncheon. Vintage teapots, grandma's old teacups, lemonade in mason jars, croissants, baby sandwiches and fruit kabobs. Complete your fabulous outdoor event with a champagne and waffle bar.

Everyone's an Angel at heart, let your inner Bombshell out with a VS Inspired Shower! 

ALL THINGS PINK. Custom Victoria secret bags for centerpieces or favour bags Check Them Out HERE light and dark pink tissue poms, cream soda punch, VS panty favour tree, LOVE SPELL body spray in the air, pink lollipops, rock candy, cotton candy dare I go on? 

All things sweet and sexy for this BRIDE TO BE!


A Classic theme, Love is in the Air. 

Passport invitations, macaroons, Eiffel tower centerpieces, hersey kisses and french accents! Pink and Black stripes are common decor themes here, you can spice things up with a red, white and black affair! Red lipstick favours and a KISS WALL guests sign after they smack their red smothered lips on... Now not a traditional guestbook! Fashion, romance and love surround this Bridal Shower!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

DIY Photo Booth Adds FUN to Any Party!

Looking to add some FUN to your next special event? Try a DIY Photobooth! The costs are low and the fun is large!

Simply hang a back drop on a flat wall,
I prefer to use funky wrapping paper or a plastic tablecloth.

Download these Props
and print them on 65lb cardstock, you can do this at Staples. Cut out images and hot glue gun to wooden skewers that you can purchase at your local grocery store.

Set up a small table to place a camera and props on and

Friday, 3 January 2014


Looking for different ways of saying
  THANK YOU to your friends and family  
for dishing out cash and gifts for your engagement, wedding and shower?

Here's some funky, cool  
your guests will TOTALLY WANT TO TAKE HOME!

1. Jones Soda Bottles with Custom Labels!

Whether your guests will pop the tops and chug their delicious insides or prop the bottle on a shelf for display as a memento of "THE BEST WEDDING EVER" guests surely won't leave these favours behind.

Buy these bad boys in bulk at your local bulk food store ex. RCSS or Costco and order customized labels from Sandy's Signatures on Etsy:
Buy Custom Jones Inspired Labels Here

2. Candy Bars

For approximately $1.50 per favour you can guests a treat EVERYONE LOVES... CHOCOLATE! Simply pick up a box of chocolate bars in bulk, Caramilk bars are my favourite and order customized labels! Private Message me for a CUSTOM LABEL!

3. Thank You MUGCAKE!
Trending BIG TIME in cupcake and coffee shops in NYC, these DIY favours are ULTRA UNIQUE! Dr. Oetker makes a Mug Cake mix, but you can use a regular cupcake recipe. Customize Mugs with Bake Markers to say "THANK YOU" and bake cake according to recipe.You can also add Custom Tags with Bridal Shower Information to the handle
Private Message me for a TAG! 

4. Mason Jar Cookie Recipes!

These favours are a great DIY project with your bridesmaids and completely cost effective! You can pick up mason jars at your local Canadian Tire or Walmart, find a mason car cookie recipe, my favourite is Cow Girl Cookies by Bakerella, print the recipe on Thank You Tags and get a personalized label like the funky ones here!!

If you're not the DIY type, you can purchase them 'ready to be baked' from The Mason Jar Cookie Company here!

 Some Other Cool Ideas are:

Homemade Wine with Custom Labels: Check these ones out on Twitter

 CUSTOM BEER KOOZIES for Weddings or Engagements!
Use them to hold place setting cards!

Wicked favours your guests will LOVE to take home.

Good luck Planning and Enjoy!

Love Always xo