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Tuesday, 11 November 2014


How to Plan The PERFECT Victoria's Secret Inspired
Bridal or Lingerie Shower at Home

Victoria's Secret themed showers are becoming increasingly popular and rightfully so! What bride doesn't love Victoria's Secret? What better theme for a Lingerie Shower, than the most iconic lingerie brand in the world. This blog post will ignite your creative side and walk you through how to plan a complete Victoria's Secret Themed Party.

We'll start with table decorating:

 Purchase light pink and dark pink table clothes from the dollar store (I like the heavy duty vinyl ones). Lay the light pink table cloths down to cover the table. Next unfold and lay the dark pink table cloths on the floor flat, cut the table cloth in three even strips. Fold each strip vertically, hiding the seam underneath, attach to the light pink table with double sided table.

Streamer Wall and Panty Line:

This works great on a window, simply attach streamers to window valance. A Tip, cut streamers leaving them a bit long touching the floor. Once all are hung give them all a quick trim at the same time, this way they are all the same exact length and save you time trying to measure and match lengths. 

Panty Lines are fun at any shower and a MUST at a lingerie shower!! You can add a quirky line to your invitations stating "Please Bring a Size M Panty for Sarah's Flirty, Fun, Panty Line." This way the bride gets a ton of undies and it makes for great decor as well. Guests joke over what risk-ay panties they brought and have fun hanging them on the PANTY LINE!

All you need to do is pick up some clothes pegs and hang a couple pieces of twine and voila. A great activity that doubles as decor.

Table Signs are a great way to STEP UP the look of your shower! Buy prints here, get a dollar store frame and your party is starting to look like a PINTEREST PERFECT that pinners will pin and guests will ravvvvve about.

Decor MUST HAVES include a Custom _______'s Secret Banner, Favour Bags and Water Bottle Labels. What bride doesn't love a banner customized to her name, water bottle labels with her name & shower date, it's her day, let's make her feel special, after all the event is All About Her!

Check Out Custom Banner Here

Check Out These Favour Bags Here
Check Out Water Bottle Labels Here

Favour Boxes come customized to Bride's Name, can be used as table decor, prize bags or favour bags.

Another creative and fun decorating tip is LOTS of helium balloons with ribbon attached. I am in love with this look and think it's perfect and so achievable for a DIY at home shower. To cut costs of helium balloons rent a small tank from your local party store. 
Everyone LOVES dessert, since we're going ALL OUT, a VS Themed Shower would not be complete without Specialty Cupcakes or a Custom Cake. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST some entertainment. A great game to play while the bride opens gifts is bingo. Get custom VS Themed Bingo cards here. Guests write down what they think the bride will receive for gifts and cross them off as she opens them. First to BINGO wins!

Check Out Bingo Cards Here

 That should do the trick! Follow Our Pinterest board for more inspiration and check out our website for a full range of themes and products.

Happy Planning & Lots of Love xoxo

- Light Pink and Dark Pink table cloths
- twine and clothes pegs
- light and dark pink streamers
- table signs and frames
- custom water bottle labels
-favour bags
- hellium balloon tank & balloons
- dark and light pink ribbon


  1. How to Plan The PERFECT Victoria's Secret Inspired ...

  2. Special parties like this are really fun to attend and these parties look more organized then other parties. So thanks for this idea, I will also ask my party planner to plan a same party for me.

  3. Thanks for your kind words!

    A lot of the touches are DIY, you can purchase items in my shop and a lot of other themed party decor items!!