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Friday, 26 July 2013

Planning a Badass Bachelorette!

               So it's your job to plan a Bachelorette Party and you want to go down in the books as "The Best Maid of Honour Ever," only problem is, you don't know where to start. I'll give you an inside scoop to planning an outrageously memorable night with special touches the average planner might not think of!

            Did someone say Scavenger Hunt? I'm sure in your youth you've had to complete tasks for a scavenger hunt, at a birthday, at camp, where ever it was, you recall it being pretty fun. Doing a scavenger hunt at your Bachelorette is a great way to avoid endless planning, completing the tasks on the list usually takes the entire night to finish. You can keep tasks as PG-13 or Rated R as you wish depending on the Bride. Include places tasks must be completed at for example "Have the Bride get a Sharpie Tattoo from a Stripper," or "Get a Lap Dance" this requires the group to visit a nearby strip club. Another involves a trip to the Casino "Marriage is a Gamble, Test Your Luck at the Casino." Here's an example of a Scavenger Hunt List, printed, laminated and on lanyards. 
With these Checklists, your bachelorette activities are totally planned! All that's left is to pick a location, book a hotel room and chill the champagne. 

Another great touch is a DIY "Hangover Kit" for the bride. Include items like: 
Pepto (to settle the stomach)
Advil (to rid the headache)
Crackers (to absorb the alcohol)
Hair Elastics (to hold her hair back)
Breath Mints (for the morning)
Gatorade (restore electrolytes a hangover helper)
Adding a Barbie with smudged make up and uncontrollably teased hair is a nice touch!
More ideas like these can be found on Pinterest, Check them out HERE!

One last awesome idea is to take BEFORE and AFTER shots of all of your girls. This makes for a creative photo collage recounting the nights success, let's be real, the drunk post game shots are going to be pretty funny.

That's it! You're all set for an incredible night making memories that will last a lifetime... the ones you remember anyway. 

Good luck Planning and Enjoy!

Love Always xo


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